Franklin Tennessee Probate Lawyers

Have you been named the trustee, administrator or executor of an estate in Franklin, Tennessee? Our experienced probate and estate team has handled estates of all sizes thoughout Tennessee and Williamson County. Our goal is to make the inheritance process as efficient and stress free as possible. We will make sure that all of your duties as an executor are met and that you comply with all applicable state and federal laws. Since our probate lawyers and staff focus solely on estate issues we are able to manage the inheritance process in a quick and effective manner.


Currently, all probate matters in Williamson County are handled through the Chancery Court. There are currently two Judges in Williamson County that oversee probate matters. These Judges or Chancellors also handle probate cases in Hickman, Lewis and Perry County, Tennessee. Although Williamson County currently has a population of about 70,000 residents, this area is rapidly growing. Further, when you add Centerville, Hohenwald, Linden and Lobelville, these Judges are very busy. However, to ensure that probate matters do not get bogged down, the Clerk and Master handle many routine matters under the Courts' supervision. This helps create an easier inheritance system for everyone involved.


Our estate lawyers can meet at our office, or if travel is difficult, we can meet at a place that is convenient for you. In order to make this meeting the most productive for you, we recommend bringing what information you already have. This will allow are attorney to give you a detailed assessment of what will be necessary to complete the inheritance distribution. Here are some suggestions of what to bring to the initial meeting:

  • If there is a Last Will and Testament bring the original document. If the original has already been filed with the court then bring a copy.
  • If there was a Living Trust bring a copy or the original
  • Any financial statements of the deceased. This would include bank statements, stock certificates, life insurance policies and retirement accounts
  • Any debts that may have been owed by the decedent. Look in the mail for credit card statements, mortgages or loan statements.
  • Any recent tax returns. This can often help us locate assets that you may not have been aware existed.
  • Create a list of all the names and addresses of the beneficiaries. This would include the next of kin such as a spouse or children.

Although being in charge of someone's estate can seem daunting, it is usually an easy process. We have assisted people in the probate process across the state and we will be with you every step of the way. Having experienced probate lawyer will hopefully relieve any stress you may have. Feel free to contact us today and we will be glad to answer any probate or estate questions you may have.


In addition to probating Wills our team also provides the following estate services:

  • Drafting Estate Planning Documents. This may include a Living Trust, Last Will and Testament, Powers of Attorney and related documents depending on your needs
  • Conservatorships and Guardians
  • Will Disputes and Estate Litigation