Copyright Legal Services

Whether you are a songwriter, record producer, visual artist, playwright, novelist, computer programmer, or other expressive artist (or are the heir to one of those creators), you should take all the steps you can to protect your rights under copyright law against infringement or any other unauthorized use of those works. The legal services described below can help you do just that:

Copyright Registration – Registering your work is not required for protection under the law, but it does make you eligible to file suit for infringement, increase your potential damage award, and create a record that helps identify your authorship. Copyright registration requires a detailed application to the U.S. Copyright Office and submission of a copy of your work. We offer copyright registration services, including a free consultation about your work, drafting and filing your application, for a flat fee of $200 plus the $35 filing fee. We will send the registration certificate to you when it is complete.

Estate Planning for Copyright Assets – If you own copyrights, or are positioned to inherit copyright ownership, there are steps you can and should take to protect your intellectual property through careful estate planning. We offer comprehensive estate planning reviews, including an exploration of the best ways to maintain and distribute your copyrights through a trust or will.

Copyright Licensing – If you want to use someone else’s copyrighted work, or wish to license your work out for another party to use, make sure your contracts protect your rights to the greatest extent. We can review or draft your copyright licensing contracts.

Copyright Transfer Termination Rights - The Copyright Act allows authors and certain of their heirs the right to reclaim copyrights that have been transferred to others during a specific time period. The right to terminate such a transfer is an important tool for creators and their surviving family to regain potentially valuable rights in original works of authorship. Notice of such termination must comply with the detailed regulations mandated by the Register of Copyrights. We offer assistance with recapturing copyrights that may have been transferred.

Copyright Infringement - If your copyrighted work is being posted online or otherwise used without authorization, we can help by placing the infringer on proper notice, including sending a takedown letter in accordance with the law. More often than not, the issue can be resolved without litigation. If you are accused of infringement, several defenses may be available to you. We can respond to accusations and takedown notices filed against you and protect your rights as a creator.