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Someday you will no longer be able to make important decisions in regards to what happens to your estate. An estate does not necessarily refer to a large mansion on a huge piece of property. Rather, it refers to everything you have worked hard to accumulate over a lifetime. This may include your primary residence and other real estate holdings, retirement accounts, investment funds, business investments, personal jewelry, and so much more. A proper estate plan is simply the tools that allows your wishes to be carried out when you are no longer able to do so or are no longer here. An estate plan can also have distinct tax advantages, making it in your best interest to speak with an attorney at The Higgins Firm Estate Group as soon as possible.


The attorneys with The Higgins Firm Estate Group have extensive legal experience and take their role as advisors and confidants seriously. Estate plans require a level of fineness because not only do your wishes need to be met, but there are tax and legal implications that must also be taken into consideration. This makes it critical that you speak with a lawyer, rather than simply writing a will at home. You can learn more about our various practice areas and how they can assist you below.


Lawyers at The Higgins Firm Estate Group can assist you in establishing conservatorships in order to protect your loved one’s assets. We can also discuss the benefits of legal guardianships and the differences between a conservatorship and power of attorney.

Power of Attorney and Health Care Directives

Do you want to be put on life support or do you want to die naturally? These are important life questions that must be considered and to ensure that your wishes are carried out, you will need a power of attorney and health care directives. The importance of having health care directives cannot be overstated because, in this position, you will not have the ability to make your wishes known.

Probate and Estate Administration

Without careful planning, your estate may go through a lengthy probate process. The attorneys at The Higgins Firm Estate Group can create a plan to prevent any remaining family from experiencing unnecessary stress. Probate and estate administration is part of the process any time that someone dies in Tennessee and the actions taken prior to death make a significant impact on how smoothly everything is handled. We can assist you and also provide more information on -

  • Steps To Take Following a Death
  • Small Estate Administration
  • Administering an Estate
  • Muniment of Title
  • Dying Without a Will
  • Nashville Probate Lawyers

Estate Planning

Keep in mind that Estate Planning is more than the creation of a will. It is the creation of critical tools, necessary for ensuring that your wishes are carried out today and after you die. An estate plan is a powerful tool in a tax planning strategy while you are alive and upon your death. It is a way to provide for your legacy, rather than simply giving an inheritance, and it can contain provisions for the care of your minor children. An estate plan is a vital tool for any family looking to be prepared. We encourage you to speak with a lawyer at The Higgins Firm Estate Group about yours and to read the information below.

  • What is Estate Planning?
  • When Should I Update My Estate Plan?
  • Who Needs Estate Planning?
  • Benefits of a Tennessee Wills Attorney Over Online Legal Services
  • Where Should I Keep My Will?
  • Inheritance Tax and Gift Tax in Tennessee
  • Common Wills Misconceptions
  • Nashville Wills Attorneys
  • Basic Will Package
  • Family Will Package
  • Living Trust Package
  • Free Estate Planning/Wills Consultation
Will Contest and Estate Litigation

When a proper will has not been established, or there is a legal dispute regarding the interpretation of one, several heirs may enter into a will contest and estate litigation. These cases can be complex and demand the services of an experienced Tennessee estate attorney. We can represent you during negotiations or at trial, should it become necessary.

Prepare for Your Future

Take the time today to prepare for tomorrow. Your family will appreciate the thought you put into caring for their emotional and financial well-being. The lawyers at The Higgins Firm Estate Group are here to assist you with all of your estate planning needs, so call 1.800.705.2121 or 615.353.0930 today.